Tuesday, 9 September 2014

A Mug's Game

I've taken an executive decision that we're going make an attempt to look vaguely professional and corporate when we take the layout on the road this autumn.

Some go in for the team clothing look but I'm not sure that's for us.

Exhibition halls can get quite hot and sweaty so if you go to the bother of getting some jumpers embroidered they soon get shed, and as a militant scruff bag I wouldn't care very much for having to turn up in a shirt and tie.

T-shirts are another option but some members of the crew don't care for them much.

And even though I may joke about Himself's age sometimes,  he's certainly not old enough for a blazer yet!

So my compromise is to have a properly branded tea break.

But there's a problem.

It's likely that some people will desire tea while others prefer coffee, and as the mugs generally don't get washed and dried before they are refilled how are we going to stop them getting mixed up?

This is my solution.

That should prevent any confusion!

In case you're wondering where I got them from, and as I'm always happy to recommend suppliers who provide great service, it was an outfit called Printster.co.uk.

I found the website really easy to use. The prices seemed reasonable to me and the mugs turned up within 48 hours of placing the order - and that was using standard delivery rather than one of the express options.

Thanks are due as well the FR's Roger Dimmick for kindly supplying the crest artwork which keeps us 'on message'.

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