Monday, 15 September 2014

House Handover

The issuing of dire threats through the pages of this blog has forced the Artistic Director to surrender the two houses he's had in his possession for months for the purposes of painting.

So here's what the Oberon Wood housing estate feature on the layout's going to look like for those of you coming to see Bron Hebog in Woking this weekend.

When you attempt to recreate a location in miniature the acid test is always when you take a point-of-view shot like this one below.

I'm obviously biased but I have to say that between us me, the Artistic Director and Himself have really captured the look and feel of this modern bit of Beddgelert.

There are many more houses to be built to complete this part of the layout. There need to be more in the row in front of the cutting as well as a few running down the hill where the tunnel mouth is and some more in the space opposite the existing ones.

Himself assures me that the Artistic Director is in the process of producing the next set of plans (heard that one before!) and I shall look forward to adding to the estate as soon as I get them.


  1. These are really fine- the massing and the roof shapes work really well from eye-level. With the rise of 3D modelling, my architectural customers don't want anything like this any more, so it is rather wonderful to see model making of this calibre lavished on dwelling houses. First class!

  2. Excellent work. I can imagine being there. Very accurate .

  3. Brings me back... My wife and I stayed in Beddgelert last fall and walked up to the station a few times. I didn't recognize it until I saw the shot of the footbridge and cutting.

    Great work!