Thursday, 2 October 2014

White Lines

We did say before the show at Woking that while the layout may be complete in terms the length of the run and the basic shape of the scenery it's a long way from finished.

So Himself has got back down to work with some detailing on the first board which includes Cemetery Crossing.

New things to be seen here are the tarmac surface, road markings, cattle grid, gate and fencing.

For a moment I thought he'd scratch built the cattle grid but I'm told that it's a laser cut wood kit.

He's also altered the course of the footpath from the cattle grid alongside the line, along with the gate gap in the wall, because he wasn't happy with the old alignment.

The rail webs have also been weathered which makes a huge difference. There's a lot of track to do on this layout so it'll be a while yet before that job is completed.

And on the logistical front a new lot of clips for the end transport plates have arrived and have all been fitted.

He's also fixed Velcro all the way around the front edge of the layout to make it easier to hang the curtain at exhibitions and save making a lot of drawing pin holes in the wood.

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