Saturday, 4 October 2014

Rolling Along

The last big challenge of building the new WHR carriage 2046 is producing a new design of bogie.

Boston Lodge turned the carriage out with heavily modified SAR diamond frame bogies with roller bearings and altered suspension.

I already have the brass frets for the bogie frames, because I use those in my wagon kits, but I need to make a new master for the axle box / bearing and suspension details to cast in resin.

On the version for the wagon kits I cast the axle boxes and the springs as separate parts to be glued on individually.

When it came to producing the other variant, the Bettendorf bogie, I ended up casting the whole bogie side as one piece and I've decided to do the same again this time.

One of the reasons I've chosen to do it this way is because of the difficulty I'd have cleaning up the axle boxes if I cast them on their own. It would be rather fiddly.

As you can see the master is ready in its casting box for a covering of moulding rubber and in a couple of days we'll be able to try it out with resin,

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