Saturday, 18 October 2014

Ghost Trains

I mentioned a few days ago that Himself is hoarding a drawer-full of un-painted carriages, mostly complete but still in virgin white styrene.

(In his defence he has been rather busy building Bron Hebog so we'll let him off)

Among this fleet of ghost carriages are models of the current Barn 106, the original Barn 105 with a toilet in place of the first class compartment in the centre, and unique 1970's carriage 116 as rebuilt as a 3rd class saloon.

These models were all made a number of years ago now and knowing the FR as I do my very real fear is that the actual carriages will be rebuilt once more and altered before Himself has got these models finished.

The latest carriage in the queue for the paintshop, of course, is 2046 which had a try out on Bron Hebog to check the ride height against the other WHR carriages.

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