Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Mix & Match

There's been good progress on the tamper match wagon since I last posted about it.

Underneath I've added the brake gear from the OO9 Society kit although because I have fitted an extra floor section I had to trim the top of the plastic pieces so they sat in the right place.

Fortunately there was plenty of  'meat' on them so there was still a reasonably solid slice of plastic to glue it into position.

You can also see in the shot above how the couplings are mounted on blocks of plasticard to set them at the correct height.

On the real wagon the chopper head is also at this height and the altered couplings have been fitted with a step in the shaft.

I also made up the 3 tool boxes out of styrene.

And here they are glued into place on the wagon.

I have a few rivet head transfers to add and then I think it will be ready to paint, so there's every chance it will make its debut on Bron Hebog at Hull in a just the weekend after next.

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