Monday, 6 October 2014

Discs & Pads

Given the job I do I'm very good with deadlines - and on the wireless we measure them in seconds - but the flip side of that is I'm very poor when I'm given an open-ended task and procrastination and diversion are the order of the day.

This goes a long way to explaining why more than two years on I still haven't finished my 2nd model of the WHR KMX tamper which I am scratch building for a customer,

A very patient customer, it must be said.

(The fact he doesn't have a layout to run it on probably goes a long way to explaining why he's not been hassling me to finish it)

However, we have finally decided on a handover date when we exhibit Bron Hebog in Hull next month which gives me a few weeks to complete the final bits which need to be done.

So last week I removed the motor and the trailing bogie - which is a Kato 'shorty' chassis which has been split - and added some of the bogie details such as the outboard disc brakes.

These are made up from some large axle bearings which I have filed down and glued onto the plastic bogie frame before fixing on some styrene to represent the calipers.

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