Sunday, 26 October 2014

Bridge Work

Some modelling on this layout involves a little more ingenuity - and suffering - than merely sticking together bits of plastic to make dozens of gates and associated fences.

One such task is reproducing the walkways installed on the new concrete bridge over the stream on the last of three crossings right at the back of the layout.

You don't need an encyclopedic knowledge of the model market to know that's not something you can buy off the peg - we were always going to have to make our own.

Had I been asked - which I wasn't - I probably would have tried fabricating the brackets from styrene section.

Himself, having more masochistic tendencies, decided to solder them together in brass.

Even with the aid of a jig he devised it still led to some very sore fingertips I understand...

Now they will all be will be soldered to the mesh and glued to the bridge, then a guard rail can be made and attached to the end of the brackets and bridge ends.

The shame of it is this bridge is positioned right at the back of the layout and the only people who are going to get a good look at it are the operators.

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