Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Paint Shop

So Himself is spending the first few days of the year working through the backlog of models which required to be painted.

Our new Garratt, 138, has been disassembled and the parts are being painted red and black as appropriate.

There has been a lot of discussion about getting the right shade of red.

Like most locomotives 138 can seem different depending on the light conditions on the day you see it.

Sometimes it can look almost scarlet and an other occasions it's a much lighter red.

Working on the theory that models should be finished a shade lighter than the prototype we've gone for the latter option.

The photo is, I think, a little misleading, because it's taken under artificial light and due to the grey primer still on parts of the locomotive which will in time turn black.

I hope the red colour will end up looking a little deeper.

The first couple of coats of red and ivory have also been applied to our model of the rebuilt carriage 116 which is looking pretty good.

I shall post more pictures as work progresses.

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