Saturday, 10 January 2015

More Painting Progress

Also going through the paint shop at the moment is the last of the 3 13m WHR saloons I batch built a number of years ago.

This is number 2045.

Yes, we are a little behind the times. This carriage entered service on the real railway when it was still terminating at Rhyd Ddu!

Himself is also cracking on with our replacement carriage 10 (Van 2 in more ways that one for us!) which is being finished in the Col. Stephens livery it runs in currently.

Again this has prompted some colour debate about the shade that should go on the ends and along the frame.

Do you go with something at the redder end of the colour chart or more orange?

After much discussion and comparison with photographs we have of the carriage we've gone for the more orange option - in fact it is called Lining Orange on the Humbrol colour chart.

It's a very tricky business.

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