Saturday, 24 January 2015


I haven't got very far with my project to model the new WHR water tank wagon but I have obtained the single largest component part, and on the most favourable terms too!

The diameter of the tank scales down at 22mm which, rather fortuitously, is a common size of plastic household plumbing pipe.

I'm only going to need around 10cm worth of it, however, so those of you who share my tightfisted tendencies will readily understand why I was reluctant to go out and invest in a metre length of pipe (or more) when I only required a fraction of it.

This is where the benefit of living in a relatively isolated small town played into my hands.

We are fortunate to still have an independent DIY shop and I figured there was a chance I could talk the proprietor into selling me a six inch length of pipe.

In fact, such is his acute appreciation of customer service and the value of repeat business, not only did he cut me a small length he told me I could have it for free.

So I am more than happy to use the pages of this blog to say that if you ever find yourself in Largs and are in need of any miscellaneous hardware do not hesitate to call on Peter Valerio and his staff in their little Aladdin's Cave in Stanlane Place.

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