Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Lined Up

This is what I've been waiting to see - 138 all lined out!

Obviously it's not on its wheels yet, but Himself has now completed the painting process with a coat of varnish and all it needs now is a set of works plates which are on order from Narrow Planet.

The rim of the chimney has had some minor surgery after an eagle-eyed reader noticed that we had plonked on the original Beyer-Peacock version which comes with the kit, not realising that 138 and 143 currently sport a different one.

Thanks to one of my squad of F&WHR informers we were able to get comparison measurements and photographs taken of the chimneys on the real 87 and 138 which confirmed to us that we would be able to adapt the casting on the locomotive.

I think in this red livery it's going to look really striking when it's doing the business on Bron Hebog.

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