Thursday, 3 November 2016

Full Circle

When Himself is a man on a mission things progress rapidly.

Therefore it took only a week from him being press-ganged into purchasing some pre-loved lengths of PECO OO at the local exhibition to The Trainee being presented with his first proper train set.

Not content with a mere oval Himself has squeezed in a passing loop and a siding with headshunt.

(I should explain at this point that although he ended up sending a crate-load of plain track to the tip when he moved house last year he held on to all his old points - go figure.)

This has all be laid out on the baseboards which were used for the temporary fiddle yards when Bron Hebog was being shown as a work-in-progress at various points in recent years.

They're connected by hinges so it can be folded up and stored behind the sofa in the snug.

(How cunning, eh?  Not content with an entire double garage he is now moving model railway stuff into a second room in the house!)

He's sorted out a selection of locomotives and rolling stock for The Trainee to play with which are a mix of the expendable and the indestructible - the expandable being some prehistoric Triang Mk1's which have already been vandalised once by me 30 years ago practising my carriage panting skills, and the indestructible (?) being a handful of metal Wrenn steam locomotives.

(I put the question mark in brackets because we discovered the other day that unbeknown to us one of the buffers had sheared off a Wrenn BR Standard 2-6-4 at some point in the last quarter of a century.)

The eagle-eyed my also notice the obligatory Hornby 'Caley Pug' (in mock L&Y livery) and some four wheelers.

What self-respecting 3 year old's layout doesn't have one of those?

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  1. A good start and one up on the obligatory circle.