Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Hole In The Middle

After a break of a few weeks I've picked up where I left off on the service car 125.

The first task was to add the top layer of beading.

This, the engine side, still has a gaping hole in the middle where the generator doors go.

My strategy for this was to make a separate unit to glue into place.

The first step was to create the door frames on a thin piece of styrene.

The louvre doors have been a compromise on all the service car models, both the FR and FR types. What I've ended up using to represent them is clapboard styrene.

Small sections were cut to size and placed inside the door frames.

And then the whole piece was fixed in place, completing the carriage side.

The opposite side, the clock side, also has a challenge right in the middle.

Instead of a hole to fill in I have to cut out a section of the lower body panel to create the recessed doorway.

Get it wrong and I may have to re-do the whole side. No pressure then...

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