Wednesday, 26 April 2017

A Bit On The Side

Just when I was thinking that I had finished the main structure of the house I remembered there was a small extension I had to add onto the side.

This is the wall which faces the public at exhibitions so I can't really ignore it.

I've had to make a few assumptions with this.

From the images on Google Street View I make out the basic shape and position of this extension, but as it sits behind a solid garden fence I can only make a guess as where there might be any windows and doors.

The only purpose I can see for a small addition to the building here is to act as a porch and it doesn't look to me like there is a door in the wall at the side or to the front, so I've presumed there's one at the back.

In fact, the whole of the rear of the house is guesswork.

I had no images to work from to I supposed that as the front of the house is a mirror image of another of the houses in the estate which we have already made then I would copy the outline with the position of the windows and the doors reversed.

I think maybe some tactical shrubbery is required when we come to landscape around it.

1 comment:

  1. Well, if you can't find a picture of the back of the house, none of us can either, so that should give you license to make it look as you like.