Friday, 28 April 2017

The Leveller

For the first time since I began building it the house is sitting straight and level.

The wonkiness is part of the design because the ground slopes up from the front to the rear, and because these houses have a few courses of brickwork on show below the render I have to make them with the bottom of the walls following this profile.

In order to stop the building leaning when we put it in place on the layout I add these foundations with styrene sheet fixed to the inside surface of the walls.

This has a number of functions as well as making the house sit level.

It is a surface that I can glue the three brick courses onto, using pieces of embossed styrene for the job.

The deep foundations also give us a lot more scope to build the scenery up around the house and 'plant' the structure in the landscape rather than sitting on top of it, if that makes sense.

You will also notice that I have added the chimney since the picture I posted two days ago.

The remaining tasks are the brick courses, the ridge tiles, window ledges and guttering.

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