Friday, 14 April 2017

Also In the Carriage Works

Welsh Highland brake coaches are quite the fashion at the moment.

On the real railway Boston Lodge has been converting one of the original series of Winson-built saloons into a vehicle with a on-board toilet and storage for catering supplies.

It will re-enter service renumbered from 2041 to 2091, continuing a series which started with the original brake coach from the first set, 2090.

This has also undergone many modifications over 2 decades in service but our model remains in the condition it was first delivered to Dinas.

Ours too have also undergone a programme of improvements over the years, with the bogies being swapped from the plastic Nine Lines L&B wagon bogies we began with to my own fold-up brass and resin SAR diamond frame bogies, a pair of which have just been fitted to our 2090.

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