Wednesday, 5 July 2017


A snap decision to have a night out at the theatre by the ladies of the house meant I had an unforeseen opportunity to do a little more work on the house, so I decided I might as well have a crack at the conservatory.

This is another one of those features which is going to require a large degree of assumption, because I don't have much information to work from.

The one picture I have seen shows me that it is a modern uPVC structure and I've taken a guess that it is one of those designs where the windows go all the way to the floor all around rather than having a waist-height wall all around.

Thankfully it is quite a simple, lean-to, three-sided design with a flat sloping ceiling, rather than one of those ornate, octagonal structures.

So the first stage is to make the main section which runs along the front and which, I reckon, is comprised of a pair of sliding patio doors.

I've made this using 20 thou thick styrnene strips.

I do hope it won't prove to be too flimsy.

Much like the carriages it will rely on the glazing behind to act as a structural member and prevent it from sagging.

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