Saturday, 15 July 2017

Full Bloom

Himself has been busy adding some finishing scenic touches around the housing estate.

The gardens at the back of the row of houses behind the cutting have had a basic treatment of 'greenness' for some time but now he has gone back and finished off the gardens with hedges, bushes, trees and other sorts of foliage.

The lawns have been completed with static grass, which is all very impressive for a part of the layout which only really gets seen by the operators.

He has also given the extended roadway a coat of paint - it's hard to see the join - and the kerb stones have been put back.

Now the missing house is finished - you can see it in position at the top of the picture - he can get on with fixing the rest of that row in their positions.

I still have the final three properties which form a row at the front to fill that gap in the open baseboard, but that can wait until after I've caught up with a few more carriages.

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