Thursday, 13 July 2017

Unnecessary Expense

Don't you just hate it when you end up spending money when you didn't need to?

I really doesn't do much for the old cash flow.

I'm kicking myself for prematurely investing in a batch of styrene strips thinking I'd need them to finish off the guttering on the house.

(And incidentally, I was shocked by how much this imported American product - which is very good - costs now. Could it be the 'B' word to blame?)

Anyway, no sooner had I clicked on the order than I discovered some off-cuts lurking at the bottom of my styrene store which were just enough to finish off the window ledges and the down pipes, and then Himself brought over an almost unused packet of U section strip for the gutters, so I've been able to complete the house.

The final task was to bend and fit a question mark-shaped ventilation pipe which sticks out of the roof at one end.

Over to Himself for painting and glazing now.

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