Rolling Stock Gallery

Replica L&B Manning Wardle 2-6-2 'Lyd' - built from a Backwoods Miniatures Kit with cab roof adapted to FR profile

KMX Tamper - scratchbuilt in plasticard and powered by a Kato 'Shorty' chassis

NGG16 87 - modelled as first turned out at Boston Lodge in photographic grey livery. 
From a Backwoods Miniatures kit.

K1 as restored at Boston Lodge - from a Backwoods Miniatures kit

WHR 3rd saloon 2043 - scratchbuilt in styrene

Planet diesel locomotive Upnor Castle - scratchbuilt in styrene

Ex-SAR AY Ballast Wagons - scratchbuilt in styrene

WHR Service Carr 2010 - scratchbuilt in styrene

FR Double Fairlie David Lloyd George - from an adapted Backwoods Miniatures kit

Ex-SAR B wagon, modelled as used as a bicycle wagon on the WHR
From a Worsley Works kit.

Ex-SAR Brake Van - from a Worsley Works kit

WHR construction mess coach 1000 (former FR Observation Carr 100)
Scratchbuilt in styrene.