Monday, 17 May 2021

P - P - Pick Up A Pickering

A Sunday morning off - the first in ages - gave a chance to catch up with Himself for coffee in the garden and get instructions for what I'm to do with the interior of the WHHR Pickering brake replica.

I haven't decided whether to take the easy route and do the inside of the carriage first, or have another crack at the lamp pots.

So long as the Indian variant doesn't begin to run riot across the whole of Scotland we can, from today, socialise in each other's houses again, so we also spent some time working out the basics of a design for a fold-down layout in the spare room in my house to be built over the coming months.

Ostensibly this is so my youngest has somewhere more practicable to run his burgeoning 00 collection than the current layout-on-wheels which lives under his bed, but I've got a secret plan to make sure that it's a mixed gauge layout with some 9mm NG track on there as well.

Purely as a test track, you understand......

Friday, 14 May 2021

Pickering Pots

Apologies for the unusually long gap between posts on the blog, which I can attribute mostly to the inconvenience of the election, and its aftermath, here in Scotland, which has required a lot of overtime in my professional life.

Added to which, Himself has been occupied with projects which I am not going to publicise on this page.

So the upshot of all this is there's not been a lot to tell you about, expect that I managed to get the experimental lamp pots for the Pickering brake carriage passed to Himself, but I fear it's going to be back to the drawing board.

It's always hard to judge when the model is unpainted, but I think it's pretty clear the pieces are too big and I shall have to try and make some smaller ones - which is a real pain because these were very fiddly to make.

In my defence I would say that these items are always one of the hardest items to judge because you rarely see them in real life from the sort of angle that you view a model - from above.

Saturday, 1 May 2021

Pots Of Joy?

As I mentioned in my previous blog post I have had a go at replicating the lamp pots from the replica Pickering brake, and with one master made from sections of styrene tube I have cast a set of four.

They look for all the world like very miniature chess pieces - narrow gauge pawns, perhaps?

I know that they don't completely match the real things in every detail, but they are a very complicated design, and there's a limit to what you can achieve with something that's only a few millimetres high - at least that's my excuse.

I'd like to think they're a passable representation, but the test will be when I can take them over to Himself, perch them on the carriage roof and compare to the photographs we have.

Thursday, 29 April 2021

Brake Two

I've had an update from Himself on progress with the second of the Pickering brake carriages.

This one is the Worsley Works version.

It is the correct length but has the wrong panelling detail on the doors - you can't win!

Himself has also made a correction to the windows at the van end, which needed a fillet of brass on their outside edges to make them the right width.

Regular readers will also be please to know that I found the motivation to return to the work bench and have a bash at making a master for the rather ornate lamp pots on the roof.

More to follow....

Tuesday, 27 April 2021

Van 3

Apologies for the short pause in posting, on account of there being very little going on at my end of the operation.

I should have been starting work on a lamp pot for the top of the Pickering brake van, but I've not found the motivation yet to sit down and start playing with bits of different size styrene tube.

Himself has been doing the final cosmetic work on the sentry box brake van.

In the end impatience got the better of us and we decided to do our own approximation of the lettering on the side doors rather than go to the expense - in time and money - of commissioning what would be a very tiny transfer with lettering so small you could hardly see it.

Shortly after committing to this, and spraying it with varnish, we discovered another modeller had the transfers scaled down from 16mm as part of a job lot, but we're content with our decision.

It looks quite the part running at the back of a few of the Victorian liveried coaches with Welsh Pony at the head.

Monday, 19 April 2021

Going Potty

Another challenging part of the Pickering brake project is going to be replicating the lamp pots along the roof of the carriage.

These look much more detailed than the usual plain cylinder shape we see.

My intention is to try to knock up the closest-looking thing I can in styrene and then use it as a master to cast the full set.

While Himself solders together the Worsley etches I've brought back the redundant Dundas body to practice on.

Friday, 16 April 2021

The Missing Foot

The Pickering brake van project has taken an unexpected turn.

Himself turned detective and discovered the Dundas body kit is a foot shorter than it is supposed to be.

On a whim he ordered the etch for the same carriage produced by Worsley Works, and when placed against each other it confirmed the earlier kit is longitudinally challenged.

Usually I expect we would overlook this - after all we model in a scale where the track gauge is 1mm too wide for our prototype - but when you factor in the other difficulties with this kit, such as the challenge of fixing in a floor and inserting an interior, it tips the balance.

Using the Worsley etches also means he can solder the roof in place and the floor can be kept removable.

Because neither 'kit' comes with bogies or an underframe it's not like we're creating any extra work for ourselves.

What we'll do with the redundant Dundas body we'll have to wait and see.