Monday, 28 January 2013

121 Gets A Roof

There's a theme developing of stalled modelling projects getting restarted around here.

While I've been tinkering with the tamper I'm building for a client and doing the last jobs on my trio of DZ wagons, Himself has finally got around to rolling a brass roof for our model of the 2nd 'Superbarn' 121.

As you will discover from previous posts on this blog on the subject of superbarns, I've decided to take a different approach with 121 than I did with my model of 103.

On the first carriage I managed to make the roof using my usual technique with styrene - described on the How We Build Our Carriages page here on the blog - but it was a bit of a hassle.

The challenge is the way the superbarn design has inset doors at the end but without the flat roof section above the way the modern WHR carriages do, which means there is nothing to support or give any 'spring' to the roof skin at this point.

Fitting a brass skin solves these issues.

Brass is not my favourite material to work with, mainly due to lack of practise I suspect. To use a good Scots word I quite often get into a fankle with it.

Himself, however, most definitely has the knack, and I'm very pleased with the way 121 has turned out and shall be sending 108 to him for the same treatment whenever I get around to building it.

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