Saturday, 26 January 2013

By Way Of Demonstration

I've been busy making some hybrid wagons.

My friend at Narrow Planet, Steve, has very kindly offered to display my kits on his stand at the Beds & Bucks 009 Society open day this weekend.

As my range has expanded in recent weeks to include two types of B wagon and a choice of DZ wagon styles I've decided to make a couple of special demo wagons that show the options available.

So, as you can see below, I have made a B wagon where one side is standard SAR wagon with the usual centre door arrangement, but on the other side its been done up as a WHR bike wagon.

The DZ wagon (which is made with the latest riveted castings) sports both a full height SAR end and one of the cut down ends which the WHR wagons came with.

There will also be an example of the work-in-progress NGY ballast wagon kit on the Narrow Planet stand for visitors to have a look at too.

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