Monday, 14 January 2013

Letter From America

Running out of supplies when you're halfway through a project is always annoying.

It is even more irritating if the trader you use has an erratic turnaround time on your order. It's nice when you order something online to be confident about knowing when you're going to get your bits.

That's why I always order my resin rivet transfers direct from the makers, Archer, in the USA even though I have seen some traders selling them at exhibitions in the UK.

Their delivery performance is really very impressive considering where there are based and how little it costs - $3 air mail -  and they generally arrive here in less than 5 working days.

In fact, I recently ordered some components from a UK based firm and transfers from Archers, on the same day, and their package reached me from the States many days before the item from our own wee island.

What I need them for is to complete my own fleet of DZ wagons for Bron Hebog.

I've got 3 wagons to rivet up. I'd completed 4 out of the 6 sides when I ran out of the right size of rivets.

Now this package has arrived I can get on with finishing them off.

Himself is due to come to see us in Scotland in a couple of weeks so I hope to be able to hand them over to him them to take back and paint.

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