Thursday, 10 January 2013

Pic Of The Week

I'm introducing a new weekly feature for the blog for 2013.

For most of the last two years regular readers have enjoyed (I hope?) the Model Of The Week posts showcasing items from our collection of locomotives and rolling stock we've built up over the last 20 years.

But for the moment the well has run dry, not because of a shortage of models but due to a lack of decent photos of the ones that haven't been featured yet.

So instead I've decided to give you a chance to take another look at the amazing pictures of our first 009 layout Dduallt taken by Chris Nevard last year in the shoot for Model Rail magazine.

It's getting on for six months since I first saw these images and they still blow me away every time.

I am amazed at the way Chris has managed to make such small and relatively crude models look so lifelike employing nothing more than innate skill in the use of a camera and lighting - and just a hint of computer wizardry on the smoke effects.  I feel very privileged indeed that we were able to have him come and train his lens on our layout - and someone else paid for it!

So let's start off with a shot of Merddin Emrys setting off north from a station stop:

I'll be posting another of the pictures next week and they will eventually all go up in a gallery on the blog.

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