Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Pic Of The Week 2

A really delightful scene for the second of our shots by Chris Nevard, as Earl of Merioneth drifts down the spiral.

Doesn't she look fantastic with the red rods and the white rims on the wheels? Classic 1980's FR - except she's got a very Noughties set of carriages in tow.

This is not a view of the sprial you would ever get in reality, unless you brought along an off-road cherry picker, because the ground falls away to the east of the embankment.

It's one of my favourite pictures from the shoot and I think it shows off what a fantastic job Himself did on the scratch built body of 'The Square'.  He really captured the essence of this beast.

The Earl is surely up there with the Gresley A4's and Stainer's streamlined Duchesses in being 'of it's time'.

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  1. That's a really lovely, summery photo. It's also very convincing, despite the necessary compression of the site on the model it exudes atmosphere. The loco model is lovely, although I preferred the box in his black livery...but the red rods are very fine!