Saturday, 7 September 2013

Museum Piece

There is a tradition for significant railway prototypes to end up on display and so it is with the first of my NGY ballast wagons.

I have prepared it to go on show in a glass the FR shop at Harbour Station.

John already has some samples of the DZ and B wagon kits made up to tempt buyers and so I thought with me delivering the first batch of ballast wagon kits to him this weekend that he would appreciate a finished example to show off.

As with all prototypes it is slightly different to the production versions in the packets on the shelves.

It does not have the rivets cast on the frame and the cog wheels are different on each side which is a legacy of testing the different designs before I committed to the final etch.

The hoods covering the vacuum cylinders are also from a previously rejected etch and I never got around to fitting the handrails on the Z struts.

Nevertheless I think it will do the job very well in the window.

1 comment:

  1. All three have been installed and lovely they are too.

    John W