Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Doubling Up

I thought you might like to see some more pictures of the layout on show at Dinas.

Over the three days of Super Power we had a lot of fun running various combinations of double-headed trains on Bron Hebog.

Some couplings are more common that others, such as this snap of our two NGG16's together at Beddgelert..


Our Backwoods kit built locos generally run very well together considering the differences in their chassis and drive arrangements. Here is Taliesin and Lyd combining on a southbound service.

Linda & Blanche, have made a couple of trips up the WHR now and our ladies spent most of the weekend in each other's company.

Plenty of coupling rod action in this unusual mixed train formation with Moelwyn and Criccieth Castle.

PrincePalmerston make a more conventional pairing running together on the layout as they did in real life during Super Power.

Finally, a glimpse of a Triple Fairlie as Taliesin and Merddin Emrys head for Porthmadog.

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