Thursday, 5 September 2013

Equine Enigma

We are getting closer to solving the problem of how to power Welsh Pony.

Regular readers will recall that the build of our Mercian Models kit ground to a halt when Himself discovered it was apparently impossible to assemble the motor and the gearbox as per the instructions. (As documented in previous posts - take a look back to read the whole sorry saga).

However, Trevor, the man behind Mercian, kindly put us in contact with another modeller, Ivan Haynes, who let us into the secret of his solution.

The photo he sent us shows that he has torn up the instructions and abandoned any notion of a transverse motor mount / gearbox and gone with a much more convention in-line arrangement with a simple gearbox driving just one axle, as opposed to both being geared as the manufacturer intended.

So the next step is probably to acquire a gearbox, and create our own motor mount,  to see if we can replicate the arrangement.


  1. Small typo - second paragraph should refer to Mercian (as the topic) not Meridian!