Sunday, 1 September 2013

Quite Revealing?

I am one of life's late adopters - for instance I still use an un-smart mobile phone - but I've decided to make an attempt to get down with the kids for the show at Dinas next weekend by creating a QR code to stick on the front of the layout.

If you have one of these smart phone gizmos, and the right app to go with it, then you may already have worked out that this seemingly random pattern of shapes brings up this blog on your screen.

As the WHR Super Power Great & Small event may well be attracting a different, and more narrow gauge-minded, crowd than the average model railway exhibition I'm hoping it may help to increase awareness of this blog and also our Twitter feed and Facebook page.

The last time we look the layout on the road 18 months ago I printed off some flyers with the web address on, but as you can see from the bar at the top of the page it's a bit of a mouthful. It doesn't have a www or a neat and memorable dot com address, and anyway I suspect that most of these pieces of paper get lost or tossed in the bin, so I thought there was no harm in trying a more hi-tech approach.

I've done some reading up and asked the opinion of other computer-savvy modellers I know and a lot of them do seem to be a bit sniffy about QR codes so it'll be interesting to see if they have any noticeable effect.


  1. I always take flyers with my blog address on to shows and I DO have a neat name ( but I can't say I notice any real increase in visits from them. As you say, they probably just go in the bin. I might try the QR code thing myself, it can't hurt.

  2. I put a QR code on the front of Awngate at NG South last year (I was opposite Bron Hebog, talk about opposite extremes of 009!). The only person who used it did so to demonstrate to someone else what it was, no one else appeared to notice or care! Oh well, easy to do, and I suppose they are now more widely understood.