Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Dinas Debuts

I've got lots of pictures to show you and tales to tell from our weekend at the WHR running Bron Hebog at the Super Power event.

I'll start with a few snaps of some of our latest models which had their first outing on the layout.

The new locomotive this weekend was our Britomart adapted from a Brian Madge Alice cab-less Quarry Hunslet kit.

She's still in primer but is ready for the paintshop.

It was my first opportunity to see it move and I am delighted to be able to tell you that she runs superbly well: very smooth, almost silent and with no stutters or stalls even on fiddle yard pointwork. Quite remarkable for a locomotive of that size.

We had a couple of carriages which require only a coat of varnish and which were included in the rakes.

Our second 'Superbarn' 121..

...and the second of my 13m long WHR saloons from the batch of 3 built at Boston Lodge a few years back. (There is a third still in virgin styrene in a drawer somewhere back at our southern HQ)

And finally the WHR tool van which spent a lot of the weekend sitting in the sitting in the station out front posed with a pair of DZ wagons and the historic - and sadly scrapped - mess coach 1000 which saw use during the reconstruction of the line through Beddgelert.

I've got many more photos to post over the next few days - and a couple of surprises - so do keep checking back and see what you missed if you weren't able to make it to Wales.

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