Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Trial Run

The value of three months building disruption and a virtual twelve month hiatus in construction of the layout is demonstrated by this picture showing that Himself now has the space to erect the whole length of the layout so it can be tested.

Here it is being given the once over before heading to Dinas this weekend for the WHR Super Power Great & Small event.

The trackwork and electrics are functioning fine and the control switch for the motorised water crane has been relocated onto the control panel - it used be positioned directly beneath the baseboard however that's now inaccessible on account of the new fiddle yard being in the way.

The only remedial work required was to re-profile a section of scenery at a board joint which had been built slightly too high.

All that remains is to check over the stock and pack it all up again for the trip to Wales.

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