Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Welsh Pony Chassis Breakthrough?

Himself has had some titanic battles with kits over the years.

Some have had him turning the air blue, others driving him to the point of hurling recalcitrant mechanisms across the workshop.

But the Mercian Models England kit must rank as the most difficult yet on account of the sheer unbuildability of the chassis.

As previous discussed on this blog the motor and the gearbox will not fit together as designed - the laws of physics will not allow it - and so he has had to resort of creating his own solution to get our Welsh Pony on the move.

After two days hard slog he has bodged up a gearbox and a longitudinal motor mount (as opposed to the damned silly transverse arrangement in the kit) and installed it in the frame.

He reports that he had to cut a bit out from the inside of the frames and so will now have to find an alternative way of attaching the chassis to the footplate at the front as he had cut some bits out at the front trying to fit gearbox in the original position.

As you can see from this video below  the motor is running in the frames.

Until we get the other axle in place and the motion fitted up we won't know for sure how good the gearing is and whether our pony will go at a canter or a gallop!

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