Tuesday, 10 December 2013

More Of The Same

 So that's all three Super Barns now up to the same stage.

The most recent modelling sessions have seen 103 - nearest the camera - gain its roof rib and corridor connections.

What's been very interesting in this process of making these resin carriages is that even though the sides are cast, and theoretically identical, it is still very much a case of scratch building rather than kit building.

For example, each of the three chassis / floor units - which have to be a close fit inside the carriage body - are all slightly different and will only fit inside their own carriage. They are not interchangable.

Some of that, I suspect, will be down to very small differences in the thickness of the castings or perhaps variations in the positioning of the parts as they were glued together.

Or perhaps it's just a manifestation of how all my models are just bodges to a greater or lesser extent...

Anyway, time to press on.

Having discovered a forgotten about length of 0.7mm brass wire I think I will attempt to make some truss rods next.

That'll be fun. Not! Bending brass always drives me round the bend...

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