Sunday, 22 December 2013

Welsh Pony Comes Together

Having got the chassis working Himself has begun adding the finishing touches to our Mercian Welsh Pony kit.

He began by adding some of the detail in the cab including the bits and pieces on the firebox.

It was at this point that it suddenly dawned on him that he'd put the cab on back to front.

(Some bad words were muttered...)

With that fixed he continued on by making up the hand brake - which was apparently rather fiddly - and soldered it in place on the back of the cab and added the spectacle rims.

It was during the process of soldering the cab in place that he broke the regular off and managed to melt the white metal safety valve casting.

(More naughty muttering....)

As you can see from the picture below he managed to bodge up some replacements out of some brass bits he had hanging around.

So here's what it looks like from the side.

Obviously it's missing a couple of rather important bits - like the chimney and those iconic Festiniog sandpots - but we've got a real idea now of how impressive the finished Welsh Pony is going to look.

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