Saturday, 14 December 2013

Boxes & Brake Bits

There's been more progress on the underframe for the Super Barns,

They are relatively simple affairs - once you've gone through the trauma of bending the truss rods - with two basic boxes to be formed out of styrene for the batteries and the fuel tank for the diesel carriage heating as well as something to represent the pivoting crank below an imaginary brake cylinder.

(I've always worked on the basis there's no point adding detail that no one can see)

The underframe for the carriage that will be 103 has been completed but I have run out of 0.7mm wire so I've only been able to do one side of the second and the third remains untouched.

However, I have made up the boxes and brake gear for all three and kept them to one side so I'll be able to complete the other chassis as soon as I get more wire in.

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