Monday, 16 December 2013

Seating Plan

I've been turning my attention to the interior for the Super Barn models.

It's something I've been turning over in my mind for quite a while.

With at least four carriages to make I wanted to find a way to cast them, if possible, to cut down on the time and effort involved - because I know from experience that making dozens of seats from scratch can be rather a bore.

Another consideration, though, was that I had to find a way to cast them using an open back mould without making them too boxy like interiors from a '60's Triang MkI, and I didn't want to make them as one single casting because at around 10cm long it would also take a lot of rubber to make a mould.

So this is the solution I've settled on.

The bottom of the seats units have had to be made boxy so they can be cast - a bit like the very first Barns in fact - and the table support is designed in such a way that the next seat unit can be placed up against it and should be in the correct position.

You can also see I've made masters of the table tops with a slit underneath which hopefully should slot in place on top of the table supports when they're cast.

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