Thursday, 12 December 2013

Angle Tangle

I've started working on one of the underframes of the resin Super Barns - 103 to be precise.

The first job is to get the truss rods in place which are formed from styrene strip for the four posts and a couple of lengths of 0.7mm brass wire.

I've always found making these to be a process of trial and error.

Mostly error.

I've tried drawing out a template on a piece of paper as a guide to getting the bend points and the angles correct, or just offering the wire up against an existing model, as I did in this case.

Whichever method I choose, however, it always takes a long time, twisting the wire this way and that. The angle's always too steep, and then too shallow, then too steep again.

Eventually I end up with somethng that I can live with and drilling a couple of holes in the floor and super glue it into place.

I've written before here that I have a bit of a mental block about bending brass and this is yet another example of it.

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