Saturday, 15 February 2014

A Garratt - With Knobs On

The boiler unit of 138 is really taking shape now.

The brass strip which represents the bands holding the cladding in place has been added as well as the castings for the dome and chimney.

All the holes required have been drilled and various other parts attached.

Himself has lengthened the steam turret just in front of the cab as quite a few pipes join it, and it will also have to have the whistle sprouting from it rather than being attached to the boiler side as was the case on 87.

One thing that's worth mentioning is the handrail knobs.

He has not used the short ones supplied with the kit on the main part of the boiler, but substituted them for  Alan Gibson medium length ones instead.

He tells me there are two reasons for this:

a)  If the short one are used the hand rails will not line up with the long hand rail knob on the smoke box.

b)  Using medium length knobs will allow him to get all the pipework in place that passes between the handrail and the boiler.

He's also modified the ash pan to resemble something more like the ones produced by Boston Lodge when they put their Garratts back on a diet of coal.

Putting the whole thing together it's beginning to look very impressive. I can't wait to see it finished in that lovely deep red colour 138 wears these days.

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