Thursday, 13 February 2014

The Bit In The Middle

With both the power units completed Himself has started on the main unit of 138 which as you can see consists mainly of a big boiler on a big frame.

Backwoods aficionados may have spotted he's made a slight change to the mounting position for the rear unit which has been set back slightly to allow more wiggle room on bends and point work.

(Nothing worse than a Garratt that's not bendy enough..)

It's a mod we've carried out on all our NGG16's and involves soldering on the rear reinforcing plate the other way round and drilling through the running plate again.

This just sets it back by half a hole, not very much, but allows the model to take curves better.

The front unit is mounted in the original position.

Himself is making very rapid process so expect another update this weekend.

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