Friday, 21 February 2014

Border Raiders

I'm being treated to a visit by the other two thirds of the Bron Hebog team who are making their annual trip across the border this weekend.

The pretext, as usual, is visit to Model Rail Scotland at the SECC, which is one of the largest shows in the UK.

The reality, however, is that it is merely an excuse to indulge in a lot of rail travel, beer drinking and - in the case of the Artistic Director - baiting Scotsmen.

(He has consistently disregarded my earnest counselling that this is not a recommended course of action in Glasgow on a Friday or Saturday night!)

The good news for me is that he comes bearing a set of his exquisite hand-drawn plans for the next phase of the modern - that is 1960's - housing development at Oberon Wood which we need to include at the front left of the layout.

He delivered designs for the first pair 12 months ago and if you search through the blog archive you'll find lots of posts detailing the construction of them.

I'm looking forward to cracking on with these new ones which, from what I recall, will be even more complex than the first lot.

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