Thursday, 27 February 2014

Laying The Foundations

I've started building the first of the second pair of houses for the Oberon Wood estate at the southern end of Beddgelert station.

I'm tackling number 25 first and have begun with the south end of the house, mainly on account of the fact it's the only blank wall which doesn't need any windows hacked out of 60 thou styrene sheet, which is never easy but necessary to give make the structure solid enough and prevent it warping.

One of the first things you'll notice is how deep the 'foundations' which is a consequence of the house sitting on a distinct slope.

Above you can see the large patio door at the back which faces Goat Cutting which will be a view that only the layout operators are going to get but it demonstrates our commitment to getting Bron Hebog right.

Below is the start of the front aspect.

The door will be hidden behind a wall forming a porch. The upper floor will overhang it and there'll be a garage jutting out on the right in due course.

At the moment it all looks a bit random, but I have faith in the Artistic Directors plans.

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