Saturday, 1 March 2014

House Progress

Starting a new project is great because you always appear to make very rapid progress with it compared to the seemingly endless snagging list you find when nearing the end of a model build.

It's all a trick of the mind, of course, but I expect that explains why so many of us have so many unfinished models sitting on the shelf or tucked away in drawers - something which I regret we too are guilty of.

I do generally try to be disciplined and finish something off before I start on another.

The new house is in that satisfying stage at the moment where it is developing very quickly.

I've now got most of the outside walls in place.

The strange shape of the building is becoming apparent now. There is a big overhanging dormer structure to go on the upper front left and the other three sides of the garage to complete.

At the rear the northern half of the building appears to be suspended in the air because it still needs to have a secondary sheet glued on behind onto which I will attach the brick courses which are visible just above the ground where the render stops.

I'm afraid I do have to report that I found a minor discrepancy in the Artistic Director's beautifully drawn plans which meant the big side piece with the windows was cut the wrong shape at the bottom.

I obeyed all the rules about measuring twice and cutting once, but that only holds true if the thing you're measuring is correct of course!

The beauty of working in styrene though is that once I worked out what was wrong it was simple enough to graft an extra piece on and no one will ever know.

Apart from the thousands of people around the world reading this blog, of course....

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