Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Third Floor

I've been able to make a little more progress with the three Super Barns I've got on the go at the moment.

When batch building like this you don't tend to see massive leaps forward and I'm trying to keep them all coming together at the same rate.

This week I've cut out the floors for all of them and started on the false ceilings which keep the tops of the carriage body straight and true.

This, we've found, is a necessity on bodies built of styrene. The resin bodysides have more inherent strength but I've decided it's no bad thing to retain the box structure.

The interesting thing about putting these together is that once again it has shown than no two sets of resin castings are identical.

Each of the three floors are a slightly different size because the inner dimensions of the three carriages vary so none of them will properly fit inside any of the others.

I believe this is due to very subtle variations in the thickness of the castings because of the nature of making them in an open back mould.

It is also possible that the pieces can be glued together in subtly different ways because unlike an injection moulded plastic kit there are no lumps, bumps or grooves to ensure that pieces are joined together in precisely the same position every time.

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