Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Head Of Nickel Silver

Exciting news! Another few feet of track has been laid on Bron Hebog in the last couple of days, so this great decade-long project is inching towards completion.


There's another of the WHR's reverse curves in this stretch of line between the two halves of the big S bend around Cwm Cloch.

If you compare these shots with the ones I posted a couple of days ago you will notice Himself has given the baseboards a coat of plaster mixed with a colour of emulsion we like to call natural earth - others may have another description for it....

One amusing little detail.

Himself tells me that the complex of culverts and ditches on this board function just like the real ones so if you pour liquid in at the pipe at the top of the bend it runs all the way down and spills out of the pipe nearest the camera underneath the farm track.


  1. And it is coming along very nicely. When staying in Beddgelert I usually make time to walk the path from the back of the Royal goat and up into these fields . I can see you are bringing the scene together nicely. Can Himself divulge the make of this Brown sludge ? Would be useful to know .

    1. Himself tells me It's Johnstone's cover plus vinyl matt 'MOCHA'