Saturday, 29 March 2014

More Tracklaying

Himself is well and truly round the bend! As you can see..

Track now extends all the way around the southern half of the Cwm Cloch S bend taking us into the depths of Cutting Mawr.

Himself has also been working on a few of the trackside features including the drainage ditch on the floor of the cutting which he fashioned out of styrene which you can see on the left hand side of the track here along with a the large inspection pipe brickwork made up from embossed plasticard.

The white bits under the track on the embankment are pieces of 10 thou sheet to give a very small degree of cant on the curve.

He's also taken a shot inside the cutting - probably just as an excuse to play with the macro function on his funky new digital camera - but with the Pulllman Obs Glaslyn posed in position at the end of the cutting it does emphasis just how deep it is, even in model form.

One of the next tasks will be to liberate some slices of genuine Welsh rock to fix onto the cutting walls.

Hopefully we'll be able to find some bits that don't say Beddgelert all the way through them...


  1. What track are you using guys ? mainline new stuff or the old crazy ?

  2. It's the old Crazy Track - the layout was started long before the new mainline stuff came out. Once it's ballasted and weathered you really can't tell.