Monday, 31 March 2014

Connect Three

The most tedious bit of the Super Barn build is done - making three sets of corridor connections.

It took about three night's work to get them all done.

Each element is made up of 5 pieces of styrene which all have to be cut to the correct length, glued together in a very precise manner, and shaped with a file and emery paper.

Each carriage requires 6 elements - that's 30 pieces of styrene. And so for all three carriages I had 90 bits of small plastic to deal with in total.

So I'm very glad that's done.

The next job is much more enticing, not least because it requires a pint of beer to be consumed first....


  1. Just wondering why have you not created a resin cast for the connections?

    1. Because, Keith, the only way to get the step effect on each side and the hole down the middle would be to make a 2 part mould - and I'm not at that level of casting sophistication yet.