Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Brass Roof & Bogies

I think Himself might have been a little wounded by my comments a couple of days ago about unfinished models languishing in drawers because he has suspended work on the 3rd NGG16 to complete the resin model of 108 which I handed over to him when he was up in Glasgow recently.

As he does not approve of my beer can roof technique he has prepared a brass cover for this carriage.

He's also included some snaps of the adaptations we carry on out the Parkside Dundas Vale of Rheidol bogies to try to make them look more like modern FR carriage bogies.

He adds new false frames and extensions made out of styrene and also fits them with brass bushes as otherwise the pinpoint axles do bore out the holes in the plastic bogies when stock does as many miles as ours is expected to.

The effect is quite convincing at a distance although the wheelbase is far too small.

I do intend to get around to making my own accurate modern FR bogies using the etched brass outline / resin cover technique I use on the SAR bogies on the wagon kits.

It's one of those many things crowded onto the back burner, although Himself keeps on at me to lift it onto the front burner because he finds adapting these plastic bogies rather tiresome.

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