Sunday, 23 March 2014

138 - Almost There

I have some great new pictures to share of 138 which is almost complete.

Having worked hard on the multitude of pipe runs on the the boiler unit Himself has posed the locomotive made up with the two power units.

You may have spotted that it doesn't have the pony wheels on the power bogies yet among many other bits and pieces to be finished off.

A classic three quarter view shows that its definitely got that very purposeful look of these machines.

A matching view from the rear shows that it's really looking the part. The cab roof is just resting in position which is why you can see that gap.

Another detail to point out is that Himself has reversed the fitting of the small window in the rear cab side sheet so the brass frame is more prominent.

I think it's going to make a very impressive sight painted and lined out in that lovely rich, red livery.

Make a date in your diary and come take a look at it at our exhibition appearances in Woking or Hull later this year.  Details are on the Exhibition Diary page.

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